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Who Are We

Cheer Program

Jag Nation continues to be a leader in the  Cheerleading world. We pride ourselves on being trend setters and family oriented with quality. We continue to provide a industry name with a small family feel.  As one of the premier teams in Georgia, we couldn’t have gotten to where we are if it weren’t for the coaching staff, supporters, parents and talented athletes who make the  Jag Nation Cheer Program what it is today.


Jag Nation is made up of a group of talented, sassy and winning athletes who give their very best to deserve the awards they receive. As a Jag Nation Athlete , you will have opportunities to travel and compete at both local and national competitions. Participating on an elite team may increase your chance of placement on a high school squad or obtaining college scholarships by exposing cheerleaders and dancers to the advanced skills sought by these programs.


Each day, we make it our ultimate purpose to get our athletes to the next level. At Jag Nation we believe there is no 'I' in team, but rather its about one team and one love. It is our mission that each athlete will develop socially through practice and competition, physically through hard work, and psychologically through increased emotional maturity, and discipline. This requires a perfect balance of academic preparation in school, time management, and skill preparation in the gym.


As the reigning Deep South Spirit Cheer Tour Champions," we can truly say that it takes team work to make the dream work and come true. Not only does hardwork always pay off, but when a team collectively works together for a common goal, friendships and bonds are bound to form. Being apart of Jag Nation team is a great way to make lifelong friends. Through the ups and down of the cheer life, no one will understand you better than your peers and teammates who will ultimately become your sisters.

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